What is it that makes O’live GIN stand out as a truly special gin? Discover the remarkable ingredients, artisanal distillation process and many uses of O’live GIN below.

Remarkable Ingredients

Mediterranean Olives and Corn Alcohol

Of course, it’s the Mediterranean olives that make O'live GIN such a special gin. But there's more! Contrary to most gins, O'live GIN is made with corn alcohol, which complements the olives' rich flavour beautifully.

Artisanal Distillation Process

Fully-Distilled Without Additives

O'live GIN is a fully-distilled gin, meaning the corn alcohol is distilled along with the pitted and dehydrated olives, juniper berries and other botanicals. During the creation of this very special gin, no additives or extracts are used. All ingredients are combined in just the right quantities to create the unique O'live flavour.

Many Uses

A Versatile Spirit

The delicate yet rich flavour of this special gin makes it a versatile spirit. You can enjoy it straight, in a classic Gin & Tonic or in a delicious cocktail. But that's not all! O'live GIN is very well suited for cooking. Whether you use it in your salad dressings or your marinades, O'live adds a touch of class to your favourite dishes.