A delicious story

When young entrepreneurs Griet van Biervliet and Sofie Gardyn saw the passion of olive farmers from Provence, they set out to create an extraordinary olive gin. Discover the story of O’live GIN, as told by its founders.

How it all started

The Passion of Olive Farmers

“We first felt a spark of ambition when we saw the passion with which French olive farmers in Provence picked and pressed their olives. It didn't take us long to realize we also wanted to create something extraordinary with these divine fruits: an olive gin.”

Not Just an Olive Gin

The Essence of the Mediterranean

“But we didn't just want to make an olive gin. We wanted to take things further and create a gin that captured the essence of the Mediterranean. We soon learned the best way to do this was to create a fully-distilled olive gin, with carefully selected and dehydrated olives and fresh herbs.”

The birth of our O'live Gin

A Rich yet Delicate Flavour

“That's how O'live GIN came to be: a fully-distilled olive gin with a rich yet delicate flavour, crafted with only the best Mediterranean olives and full of natural antioxidants. So whenever you're longing for summer, remember that the Mediterranean is only a glass away.”